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Corvus OS Android 12.1 (12L) Unofficial Redmi 7/Y3

Corvus OS New Update With Android 12.1 Unofficial For Redmi 7/Y3 Onclite - Ram Management, Fast & Secure, Cool UI

Corvus OS Android 12.1 Redmi 7 Onclite

Corvus OS has been getting a lot of love, since a few days I see here that the demand for Corvus OS has increased a lot

Corvus OS Android 12.1 (12L) Unofficial Redmi 7/Y3

And Corvus OS is being launched in a lot of devices which it is capable and whatever updates are available, you get to see the official

If you use the Redmi 7, then a new update has been launched for you, in which you get the support of Android 12.1

This is quite a delight for users whose device is getting an official update of Corvus OS

Now, if you are thinking of installing Corvus OS inside your device, let me tell you that it is easy to install it and if you install it, then your device will get a new life and you can install it. You can get more smooth work done

About This Article 

Hello everyone how are you all my name is Aniket and in this article today I will tell you all about a new gaming custom rom

That Rom's name is Corvus OS which has been unofficially launched for the Redmi 7 Onclite

Now if you use this device for gaming, then this article is going to be quite excellent for all of you because you will be told about all the features of this custom rom inside it

Corvus OS Android 12.1 Features

Every time the latest version of the Corvus OS is rolled out within the market, you can make your device work even better.

And with all the updates that come new in it, you get to see something new and you can customize your device even more.

In the market is the 12.1 latest of Corvus OS, in which you get to see many features, about which I will tell you, if you like any of the features inside this article, please let me know


  • Initial Build ( Feature will be added in the next update )


  • None ( Fully tested from our professional testers )

Corvus OS Android 12.1 Installation 

As far as I believe Corvus OS is made stable enough for all the devices so that you can easily install it on your device.

Because it is the most liked custom rom, so I do not think that you can get any new problem inside it, everything you will get to see inside it, everything will be stable and it is a very good thing

So now I will tell you how you can install it on your device, just read it carefully

Note: If anything happens to your device during this process, then it will be your sole responsibility, then whatever you have to do will have to be thoughtful

Follow my given steps and install Corvus OS Android 12.1 on your device

  • Switch off your device
  • Open your device in recovery mode
  • Just save the file I have provided to you on your device
  • You can also save it inside your SD card or USB
  • Now go to the wipe option in the recovery and wipe it with your device ( Dalvik, Cache, System, Vendor )
  • Back down after completing
  • Click on the install option and flash the file I provided to you inside your device
  • After success, restart your device as well
  • Done

Corvus OS Android 12.1 Redmi 7 Onclite

Corvus OS - Android 12.1


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