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NikGApps Android 12 Official Download For ARM64

NikGApps Android 12 Official Google Play Services For All Custom Roms, ARM64 Base System, Basic Edition

NikGapps Android 12

You all must have heard about NikGApps many times and you may have also used them inside your device

NikGApps Android 12 Official Download For ARM64
NikGApps Android 12 Official Download For ARM64

But still, a lot of people do not know about NikGApps, so you do not have to panic here, if you have come to this article, then you will also learn something new

Those people who know more about NikGApps like to use custom rom inside their device, however, you all should know that GApps speak Google app means that the application provided by Google

If you guys try to find GApps inside the market, then you will get to see BitGApps here and you will get to see Flame GApps and more,

So in today's article, we will talk about GApps as to why it is so much needed for our device

About This Article

Hey everyone, how are you all my name is Aniket Sharma and I am going to talk inside this article about the GApps to be provided by Google

By the way, I don't know that you guys know this, but still, my duty was to tell you a new thing, I would like to tell you that whatever you use GApps, all of them will be from Google

NikApps Android 12

NikGApps has become very popular in today's time because its latest versions are available to you and it is very special about which I am going to tell you

If you people like Google's official GApps, then within them you have got to see the update of Android 11 & currently Android 12 is released a few days ago

But from here on Google, we have not seen any update of GApps due to which all the people are reducing the use of it right now

And the same has been replaced by NikGApps here, why should I tell you about it, then first of all I have told you that all the updates of Google Apps are not coming but NikGApps See you update

If you guys use NikGApps, then I would like to tell you that GApps of Android 12 is available now

Now I think you guys have come to know everything about it and here you will not have seen any confusion


  • Android Support: 12​
  • Architecture Support: ARM64​


  • Introduce Smart Installation to address storage full issues
  • Added space check before installing packages to ensure that system is never left into an inconsistent state
  • Revamped and improved NikGapps uninstallation mechanism
  • Fixed an issue where custom locations for nikgapps. config was not recognized
  • A lot of installer script improvements and fixes under the hood
  • Made gms optimization configurable (using gms_optimization config starting v20)
  • Control all the features of nikgapps.config through config builds
  • Fixed an issue where dirty flashing Gboard failed even when Gboard was originally clean flashed
  • nikgapps.config bumped up to v20
  • Changed addon script name from <50.sh to <51-package>.sh to let Rom script execute first
  • Abort when the unknown mode is detected
  • Addon.d improvements
  • Revert back to google setup wizard as default (flash PixelSetupWizard addon for pixel setup wizard)


  • You can always dirty flash the gapps (although, you need to update gapps only when you clean flash).
  • Take a backup before if you plan to dirty flash gapps.
  • v19 is up and I recommend updating your nikgapps. config to v19.
  • you can set use_zip_config=1 in nikgapps.config if you want the installer to pick config file from zipping, this can be used while sideloading the gapps or when the /data is encrypted.
  • NikGapps doesn't rely on nikgapps. config to function, nikgapps. config just comes with additional features for you to customize the installation.


  • Minimum Google Apps Required To Run Play Store.
  • Google Play Store
  • Gms Core
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Contacts Sync Adapter
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • ExtraFiles (necessary files for Gapps to work)


  • Everything from Core
  • Assistant Go
  • Gallery Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Google Go
  • Maps Go
  • Navigation Go
  • Pixel Launcher
  • Device Personalization Services
  • Vanced Manager


  • Everything from Core
  • Google Carrier Services
  • Google Clock (Replaces AOSP Clock)
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Vanced Manager
  • Google Dialer (Replaces AOSP Dialer)
  • Google Messages (Replaces AOSP Messages)
  • Google Contacts (Replaces AOSP Contacts)


  • Everything from Basic
  • Device Health Services
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail (Replaces AOSP Email)
  • Google Calculator (Replaces AOSP Calculator)
  • Google/Pixel Setup Wizard (configurable with nikgapps. config using Pixelize)
  • Google Maps
  • Google Photos (Replaces AOSP Gallery)


  • Everything from Omni
  • Android Device Policy
  • GBoard (Replaces AOSP keyboard)
  • Google Calendar (Replaces AOSP Calendar)
  • Google Feedback
  • Google Partner Setup
  • Pixel Launcher
  • Device Personalization Services
  • Google Files (Android R only)
  • Google Velvet (for voice unlock)
  • Google Sound Recorder
  • Google Markup
  • Google Sounds
  • Google Wallpaper


  • Everything from Core
  • Google Carrier Services
  • Google Clock (Replaces AOSP Clock)
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Vanced Manager
  • Google Dialer (Replaces AOSP Dialer)
  • Google Messages (Replaces AOSP Messages)
  • Google Contacts (Replaces AOSP Contacts)

NikGApps installation

If you guys have learned everything about it, then maybe you are thinking of using it inside your device

It is quite good that if you are learning something new, then you should try to experiment once if you have any extra device, then it will be very good if you do it

If you people have good knowledge of all these, Custom Rom & Custom Recovery, then you will know about it and you can also install it easily

Note: If anything happens to your device during this process, then it will be your sole responsibility to do whatever you have to do

Follow my given steps and install it inside your device

  • First Save the file I have provided to all of you inside your device
  • Switch off your device and open it in recovery mode
  • Right now you will get to see the install option under Recovery Mode, by clicking there, you have to flash the file which I have provided to all of you
  • The installation will start now, this may take about 5 minutes
  • Restart your device normally after being successful
  • Now you guys will see GApps inside your device
  • Done

NikGApps Android 12 Download

NikGApps | Android 12 | ARM64


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