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Project Blaze V1.3 Official Android 12L For Redmi 7/Y3

Project Blaze V1.3 Official Android 12L For Redmi 7/Y3 | High End Performance, Gaming Rom, Daily Updates, Smooth UI Etc

Project Blaze V1.3 Android 12L Redmi 7/Y3

Project Blaze custom rom is considered very good inside the market because inside it you all get to see the official support of Google

Project Blaze V1.3 Official Android 12L For Redmi 7/Y3
Project Blaze V1.3 Official Android 12L For Redmi 7/Y3

Talking about the fan following of Project Blaze, I would like to tell you that Project Blaze is ranked number one in the market

All of you don't get to see a lot of features inside Project Blaze, but the developers who are currently working on this custom rom, they are trying to add all the features here which is the best for us

If you guys have used Project Blaze at one time or another, then I know that you guys must have seen its interface or its performance very well

Well for your information, let me tell you this rom is not built official for all devices, you will also get to see its official version

If you are using Redmi 7 for your personal, then you have launched an official version of Project Blaze for you, inside which you all get to see Android 12L.

I am pleased because a new update has been released to your device. At the moment I want to tell you one thing. Many updates of Project Blaze are seen inside Redmi 7 and if you want this custom rom  If you use it, you will get to see the updates inside it regularly.

About This Article

Hello guys how are you all my name is Aniket Sharma and in today's article, I will tell you all about one of the best world's number one custom rom.

You also know it by the name of Project Blaze and I know that you must have heard its name before because it is very famous and every Dev is available in it, then I will be pleased to tell you all about it and  It has been launched officially for Redmi 7

Lots of new updates of Project Blaze come, so within these updates, I will tell you about all the features that you have got to see in the Redmi 7

Project Blaze V1.3 Update 

I am going to tell you anything in front of you. If you guys like any of these, then please go and comment and tell me which Feature you liked best and what you got to see inside this new update also tell.

Changelogs 1.3

  • Merged July security patch
  • Security Patch tag android -12.1.0_r11
  • Added toggle for data usage in qs
  • Added reTicker
  • Added toggle for optional wp zoom
  • Added A13 Navigation Pill
  • Added status bar items
  • Added heads-up settings
  • Added Oneshot auto brightness
  • Added dash, warp,vooc, turbocharging text in battery settings
  • Added gesture customizations
  • Fixed missing options for restricting data usage
  • Fixed qs clock being white on light theme
  • Added lawnchair on vanilla builds
  • Enabled Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • System-wide improvements and fixes

Device Changelogs

  • Switched Pixel Power HALS and thermals
  • Added thermals profiles in device settings
  • Set audio to fluence to fix voice recorder & mic buzz
  • Fixed screen record lag
  • Improved sinsperf
  • Introduced Libperfmgr improves performance and reduces lag
  • Debloated gapps build


  • Sinsperf+ Kernel by default
  • Safetynet passes by default


  • Thanks @Dhina_17 @bibarub for device tree and @Soumyajitpaul007 for vendor tree
  • Thanks @ayontech @m4rjoke @real_xelxen @Hamraj37 for testing
  • Thanks @Exonxo for the banners

Project Blaze Installation

The Project Blaze comes from these custom roms which have been designed quite well and its design and hard work are capable of being easily installed by all Devices.

You will get to see many custom roms inside the market, in which you all get to see a lot of problems, such as some custom rom is not installed inside your device or you get to see something like this.

But if you install Project Blaze inside your device, then you will not see any issue inside it, you will not see any such issue and it will be easily installed inside your device.

So this is the biggest feature of it, which I liked very much, and if you want to install Project Blaze inside your device, you have to read it very carefully.

Note: If anything happens to your device during this process, then it will be your sole responsibility, then whatever you have to do will have to be thoughtful

Follow my given steps and install the latest version of Project Blaze on your device

  • First of all, save the Project Blaze file I have provided to all of you inside your device
  • Switch off your device now
  • Open your device's recovery mode
  • Format your device now
  • Before Formatting, you have to pay attention to your main data, you should save it inside another laptop or computer
  • Wipe your device now ( Dalvik, Cache, System, Vendor )
  • Now click on the install option of recovery and flash the file which I have provided to all of you inside your device
  • After being successful, restart your device as well
  • Done

Project Blaze V1.3 Android 12L Download

Project Blaze | V1.3 | Android 12L | Redmi 7/Y3


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