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Spark OS V12.1 Official Android 12 For Redmi 7/Y3

Spark OS v12.1 Android 12 Official Rom For Redmi 7/Y3 Best Stable Performance, Fast & Secure, Smooth UI, New A12 Widgets

Spark OS V12.1 Official Android 12 Redmi 7

The Spark OS Rom has become quite popular in the market because you are getting a lot of updates and all those updates are absolutely official which is quite fun if you people use this Custom Rom on your device

Spark OS V12.1 Official Android 12 For Redmi 7/Y3
Spark OS V12.1 Official Android 12 For Redmi 7/Y3

I am most happy right now because its old version was unofficial for our Redmi 7, but now a new update has been launched, which we have got to see officially only for Redmi 7

We get a lot of updates of Spark OS on our device and all these updates are very stable it is also known as Gaming Rom and you can tell all the users of Redmi 7 to be gaming inside their device. If you like it a lot, then this custom rom will be good enough for all of them

The Spark OS Custom Rom has already been launched inside the market, but its official update was not launched for the Redmi 7, but you get to see it unofficially

But a lot of people used that unofficial update and everyone's comments were positive, so they all liked this Custom Rom a lot, whether it was official or unofficial but they meant performance, so they got the Performance

But now a new and official update has been launched, so that means we will get something special inside it, so today we will talk and see what we will get to see inside it 

About This Article

Hey, how are you guys, I am Aniket Sharma and I am going to talk inside this article today about a new custom rom yes yes you heard right here I will talk about Spark OS Rom whose official update is we Have been launched for Redmi 7

A new version of Spark os has come in which we get the support of Android 12 and the update is quite stable here for our Redmi 7 and many features have been added inside it, which I will tell you inside this article

Spark OS V12.1 Android 12 Update

I have told you all a lot about Spark OS before and I am still telling you that this custom rom is the best because its interface is cool and its performance is very good

If you use Redmi 7, then you will get a lot of custom rom available within the market for your device and you will be able to use all those custom rom inside your device

But the point here is that what is the best custom rom, so here I am going to tell you if you people have not used Spark OS, then you should use it once because its developers have said that it is quite good. And I have used it personally too, so I liked it so much, so I thought I would share it with you

Now the time has come for me to tell you about some of its features that you all would love to see and you can identify this custom rom with these features

All these features were of this Custom Rom which I have shown to all of you and it is much more than before the features because it has a lot of customizations and there has been a lot of improvement

Changelog for v12.1 based on Android 12 -

Feature Additions :

  • Added qti bt support 
  • Added Android 12L style internet and screen record dialogs 
  • Added per-app volume 
  • Integrated Google lens to screenshot UI 
  • Added outline icon pack 
  • Added expanded volume panel 
  • Removed Visualizer and added Pulse with lots of options
  • Added screen off animations 
  • Integrated blur 
  • On the go improvements 
  • Added gaming mode tile 
  • Redone Fps info service 
  • Made ripple effect on unlocking optionally 
  • Updated Monet Implementation 
  • Added Android 13 inspired media output picker 
  • Added app lock 
  • Added Face unlock 
  • Improved pocket mode 
  • Redid smart space Implementation 
  • Added Quick tap 
  • Introduced Custom dashboard style 
  • Added Ambient ticker 
  • Added toast Animation 
  • Fixed an issue with apps going under the notch 
  • Introduced inbuilt ad block 
  • Added more udfps icons 
  • Improved Gaming Mode 
  • Updated Lawnchair 
  • Synced Translations

Changelog for v12.0 based on Android 12 February patch

  • Updated lawnchair
  • merged security patch
  • under the hood improvements

Changelog for vEnergized based on Android 12 January security patch:

Feature Additions :

  • Implemented Optional Wp Zoom
  • Implemented Custom Ls Clock customization
  • Reworked Qs clock picker with more clock designs to choose from.
  • Added On the go mode
  • Redesigned SeekBar
  • Added pulse for all trigger options on edge lights
  • Redid Vowifi and volte icon customization
  • Restored Icon shapes from a11
  • Added option for ambient ticker to pulse on new tracks
  • GmsCompat Improvements
  • Fixed microg spoofing
  • Added Media Player Customization
  • Added udfps customization (icon, animation , pressed color, custom icon)
  • Prevent some rare SysUi crashes
  • Added Game Space
  • Added Alert slider support
  • Added. Long swipe gestures
  • Applied monet to fingerprint animation
  • Added third party app overriding font support for custom fonts
  • Added dark mode themes
  • Added Advanced Playback
  • Added more battery styles and improve the landscape one
  • Added capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams
  • More under the hood stuff

Changelog for tempest based on December security patch

Feature Additions:

  • Added Pocket Lock
  • Added Ls Charging
  • Added toggle to disable charging animation
  • Improved existing features
  • Implemented Custom navbar radius settings
  • Added Qs text footer customization
  • Added optional colored sb icons
  • Added more battery styles
  • Added notification header customization
  • Fixed some navbar glitches
  • Added a toggle for combined signal icons
  • Fixed battery estimates
  • Added custom aod settings
  • Added screen off fod toggle
  • Added volume panel delay customization
  • Added vibration pattern customization
  • Updated some icons
  • Made Udfps haptic optional
  • Made required unlock to use sensitive tiles optional
  • Added navbar length and hiding options
  • Added ambient edge lighting settings
  • Improved fps info output
  • Added option to mute media with gesture
  • Added option to auto hide sb clock
  • Updated network traffic
  • Implemented material clear all icon
  • Added custom carrier customization
  • New power menu customization
  • Smartspace toggle
  • Added Fonts customization with the ability to select your own font
  • Added plenty of icon pack customization
  • Caffeine tile improvements
  • Option to suppress sound vibration when screen is on
  • Added wifi and cell tiles
  • Implemented a qs custom clock picker
  • Redesigned brightness slider
  • Added vowifi icon customization
  • Updated Lawnchair and law icons and graphene os camera
  • Fixed some npes
  • Updated powerusage stats from pixel
  • Fixed wifi connection on enterprise networks
  • Updated Gapps
  • Added offline pixel charging indicator
  • Imported setup wizard and gboard props from pixel
  • Updated PixelPropsUtils
  • More under the hood changes, I forgot

Device ChangeLog -

  • Ship With Spotify 
  • Added F2FS Support 
  • Added Seamless Transfer Support 
  • Added Traffic Monitor By Default 
  • Added Battery Saving Props 
  • Enabled Vibration Multiple Intensities 
  • Enabled FreeForm Window Management 
  • Enhance Android GO Configurations

Spark OS V12.1 Installation

Before installing this Custom Rom, you all have to know one thing. If a custom rom is released inside the market, then it is not so easy to install every custom rom as you understand

But if you follow the same person's method, then you will not have any problem in installing Custom Rom, but the problem comes when you try to install custom Rom in different ways

Note: If anything happens to your device during this process, it will be your sole responsibility to do it, then whatever you have to do will have to be thoughtful

  • Follow this given by me and install Spark OS on your device
  • First of all, switch off your device and open your device in recovery mode
  • Now save the file I have provided to all of you inside your device
  • Wipe your device now ( Dalvik, Cache, System, Vendor )
  • Now go to your recovery install option and simply try the file that I have provided to you as well
  • Restart your device after being successful
  • Done

Spark OS Android 12 for Redmi 7/Y3

Spark OS | Android 12 | 12L


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