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Orange Fox Recovery 11.1_2 For Redmi 7/Y3 Download

Orange Fox Recovery For Redmi 7/Y3 Onclite | Latest 11.1.2 Update | Stable & Fast | OTA Supported

Orange Fox Recovery For Redmi 7/Y3 Onclite

Orange Fox Recovery is a custom recovery that has been released for almost all devices and this recovery is the best because you get to see many features inside it.

Orange Fox Recovery 11.1_2 For Redmi 7/Y3 Download
Orange Fox Recovery 11.1_2 For Redmi 7/Y3 Download

If you are very fond of installing custom rom inside your device, then you will need custom recovery here and custom recovery should be the best because with the help of this you will be able to install custom rom inside your device

If you use Redmi 7/Y3 Onclite, then a lot of custom recovery has been launched for your device within the market and all that custom recovery is stable for your device

Right now inside all these recoveries I would recommend you to use orange fox recovery as orange fox recovery is the best for your device and no errors are seen here

About This Article

Hello Everyone, how are you all, I am Aniket Sharma and within today's article, I am going to tell you that a new update of Orange Fox Recovery has come for our device which has been released

If you guys use Redmi 7/Y3, then I would like to tell you that all the updates for Redmi 7/Y3 of Orange Fox Recovery disappear very quickly, then you should install it quickly inside your device

Orange Fox Recovery R11.1_2 Official

Orange Fox Recovery is a custom recovery that we get to see updates firstly because this company pays a lot of attention to the updates

A new update of Orange Fox Recovery has come, which version R11.1_2 Now within the update, all of you have got to see a lot of fixes, and some new support has also been seen here

Right now I tell you about some of its changelogs and with the help of it you can see what are some changes in it

OrangeFox R11.1_2 - Current latest version

  • Add Support for the terminal from the file manager
  • Added Magisk V23
  • Added Nano Editor
  • Add file manager option to edit the selected file
  • Open Magisk apk as zip
  • Implement 'twrp format data' to format /data
  • Update the ZIP signature verification
  • Update the unit addon
  • Re-sign the internal zips
  • Addon to remove survival scripts
  • Flashable zip for backing up OrangeFox settings (/FFiles/OF_backup_settings.zip)
  • Many UI and other fixes and enhancements
  • Work-around for MTP issues after data format (if enabled by the maintainer)

Orange Fox Recovery R11.1_2 Installation

There are a lot of people who do not know how to install custom recovery inside their devices. But there is nothing to worry about, I am going to tell you everything.

Note: If there is a problem inside the device for you during this process, as if your device becomes brick, then I will not have any guarantee in this, it will be your responsibility. Then you have taken the risk then you can follow my process.

Before doing all this, you have to unlock your device's bootloader and install a custom recovery inside your device

If you have read that article well then let me tell you the further process

  • Open Normal TWRP Recovery from your device
  • Go to the install option, select R11.1_2.zip, the file I have provided to you
  • Click on the file and Flash it
  • Right now your device will start within 5 seconds and your device will automatically run on the recovery option
  • Finely Recovery is successfully installed from inside your device
  • Done 

Orange Fox Recovery V11.1 For Redmi 7/Y3 Download

Orange Fox Recovery | Android 10/11/12/12L | R11.1_2


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